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5 Things Household Movers Wont Handle Tags: corrigan systems movers

After years of DIY moves, hiring household movers can seem like a real luxury. However, before deciding to sleep in on moving day, consider this: some things should be moved by the customer. In this guide, readers will learn several things Professional Moving Services wonít touch.


While itís obvious that Fido or Fluffy wonít go into a moving crate, itís still important to do some prep work beforehand. Moves are quite stressful for pets, and thereís always the chance of an escape during transit. Whether itís a move across town or across the country, pack water and food, treats, a leash, toys, and a crate in the car. If the move is out-of-state, consider hiring a pet moving service.


Houseplants are more of a moving day difficulty than some people realize. First, movers may not be able to handle certain plants because state and local laws might prohibit it. Check with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ensure there are no restrictions on moving plants and the move will be hassle-free. If plants wonít survive a bumpy ride, consider giving them to a neighbor, family member, or friend before departing.


If someone in the home has firearms, the movers likely wonít touch them. Whether itís a hunting rifle or an antique revolver, transporting firearms is forbidden for various reasons. Itís best for customers to move their own guns for safety reasons. Pack ammunition and firearms separately and be sure to keep everything out of childrenís reach. Perhaps most importantly, ensure that all paperwork is in order before transporting guns across a state line.


Whether itís a collection of family heirlooms or a large record collection, if the thought of losing it is unbearable, donít put it on a moving truck. While long distance movers generally donít toss things around, things happen. If thereís any doubt, bring valuables in the car with the family.

Personal Papers

Things always get lost during a move, and when important documents get lost, the results can be catastrophic. Pack everyoneís birth certificates, Social Security cards, auto titles, and other important papers in a waterproof case to be packed in the family vehicle.

For everything else in the home, follow this simple rule: when thereís doubt, overcompensate. Communication is crucial in every part of a move, and moving is no exception. Clearly label fragile items, and donít be afraid to supervise local movers as they load items.


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